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Cherry tree blossom 2014 has begun

After a mild winter and a very friendly March 2014, nature flourishs significantly earlier than last year. The cherry blossom along the Upper Rhine, in the Ortenau, Breisgau and Markgraeflerland has already begun, meanwhile, almost 3 weeks before Easter many daffodils are already over.

Also in the next few days glorious spring weather is expected; at temperatures above 20 degrees in the Upper Rhine Valley and even in the middle layers of the Black Forest, it can only mean: Get out into nature and enjoy the spring!

Here are a few Spring Impressions, pictures taken 31 march 2014, near Durbach.

Flowering cherry trees Flowering cherry trees dandelion Flowers Flowers cherry tree blossom

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Springtime has come

SpringtimeIn the last warm days nature has developed rapidly, the meadows are full green and dotted with yellow dandelions and blooming fruit trees, and deciduous forests show the first tender green.

In the next few days spring-like weather is expected, inviting to a trip to the Black Forest and a short hike. So far still the deeper layers are recommended, in the higher elevations from 800-1000m it takes a little longer until spring comes.


Photos from April 8, 2011:
Above: blooming fruit tree, in the background the ruins Hohengeroldseck
Bottom: Spring idyll at Schweighausen, community Schuttertal

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