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Black Forest rustic furniture

cabinetDid you know that by no means only Cuckoo clocks, Kirsch and Black Forest Gateau are amongst the typical products of the Black Forest? The rustic furniture from the Black Forest, which is also very popular throughout the world, definitely deserves to be mentioned. Often lovingly painted and decorated by hand, these pieces bring the famous German cosiness to any room across the globe, whether wardrobe or bed, table, corner bench or restaurant furniture they all add their personal charm.

The furniture makers from the Black Forest are well known for their tradition only to use high-quality and well seasoned wood from well looked after forests in the region. Before any of this wood is used it is carefully dried in drying chambers.

A tour of the manufacturing premises is certainly most interesting and will add a lot of interest and variety to your Black Forest holiday.

corner bench

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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

The Cuckoo Clock (in German: Kuckucksuhr) is the typical clock of the Black Forest with artistic carvings. It is manufactured in the Black Forest to this day.

Cuckoo clocks were probably built for the first time in the Black Forest between 1730 and 1750. The original handcrafted production developed into an industry in the Black Forest from the 19th century. A good cuckoo clock has several functions: the doors open and close, the cuckoo takes a bow every hour and moves its beak and wings at the same time.

Find more about the typical Black Forest Clocks, e.g. the world's largest Cuckoo Clocks in Schonach and Triberg, or the German Clock and Watch Museum in Furtwangen.